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The Green Park Hotel Bostancı


The Green Park Bostancı promises its guests a different experience with the professional care and treatment options it offers in its Spa & Wellness Centres.

Our Spa Service is at your side

  • Massages
  • Traditional Turkish Bath
  • Skin care
  • Optional personalized and / or group work in fitness rooms
  • Instrumental slimming and tightening applications
  • Sauna
  • Heated Outdoor Swimming Pool
  • Vitamin Bar
  • Gymnastics, aerobics and step works
  • Steam Room
  • Dressing Room


Massage is the best way to relax by getting rid of the negative energy from your body, have a healthy and energetic body. Touching is at the forefront of massage and it is more effective than other meditation techniques with this feature. A professional massage relieves pain, provides relaxation.


Sauna are the high-temperature rooms where there is hot and dry air and provides stabilization of water and toxins in the body through sweating. In general, the temperature of the sauna varies from 60°C ile 90°C. It has spring of very high heat and is covered with wood.


The benefits of the unique nature of sea water minerals to the body is known and practiced since ancient times. You will feel all the goodness and richness of the sea water in each part of your body with the Thalasso Spa.